Jesse Scherr is a New York based designer known for creating iconic band art. He produces richly layered works, drawing influence from his client’s history and his in-depth knowledge of pop culture. Jesse’s guiding principle is that every detail of a project should have meaning.

While he’s been designing since 2007, Jesse founded Ill Art in 2010 after being tapped to produce promotional materials for Seattle’s annual Layne Staley Tribute & Benefit Concert (Alice in Chains).

From there, he began to work with Seattle luminaries such as Shawn Smith and Pete Droge, while also working on projects featuring members of the legendary Wu-Tang collective. Jesse also works with corporate clients, such as Neuhaus Chocolate.

Other clients include The Guessing Game, Pigeonhed, Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild (DITC), Solomon Childs and Buddha Monk (both of Wu-Tang), Villains of Yesterday, American Poets 2099 and Black Dahlia Films. For a comprehensive and ever-growing list, please click here.

“Every detail of a project should have meaning”